Susan Kovitz-Tasky - Glencoe, IL

These guys are professional and are a dedicated group of trained damage restoration technicians. I was very impressed from the start with their dedication to providing the best service. If they can't do something they will tell you upfront. I have recommended them to my friends and will continue to recommend Flood Specialists. They are there when you need them!!

Daniel - Des Plaines, IL

Unfortunately for me every time the Des Plaines river rises my office building floods. This time the power went out for some time and I needed a generator. I called around and finally Mario from Flood Specialists was able to get my building up and running. He mentioned that the people doing the cleanup were not doing it properly and are not following standard practices. I immediately fired the neon yellow truck color company and hired Flood Specialists. THE BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE !!! What a difference, what a pleasure, how knowledgeable, how organized, how responsive, how clean and MUCH MORE. I m very thankful to have found a diamond in the rough. Thank you !!!!!

Stacy A. - Chicago, IL

Thanks Grandma! You saved me from having to call a bunch of different companies to fix everything. Like you said, a plumber would have simply replaced the broken pipe but a water damage professional will fix everything. That's exactly what Flood Specialist did. They fixed my tub drain upstairs, cleaned the mess it made downstairs, and dried everything. They even replaced the ceiling that was dripping. You'd never know anything happened. It cost more than I expected but insurance picked up most of the bill. Anyway, I'd recommend these guys to anyone who has a plumbing emergency and wants everything fixed at the same time. Also, I'd recommend my grandma to anyone needing sound advise. Thanks Grandma and Flood Specialists!

Richard L. - Elk Grove Village, IL

I love when companies claim to be open 24/7 only to find an answering service on the other end when you need them. This is NOT the case with Flood Specialists and am happy to say they live up to their promise and are truly available at all hours of the day. I needed help when my main line burst a couple months ago. The entire basement filled up with almost knee deep water. They showed up quickly, shut off the water and removed all the water. My basement was completely dried with some thermal drier and fans. Well done gentlemen! Well done!
We fix flood damage!