Advanced Water Damage Repair Tools

Flood Specialists, Inc. uses a variety of advanced tools to minimize structural damage to your property. Each type of water problem requires a different approach to repairing/restoring the affected water damaged area.

Hardwood Floor Drying Equipment

Water damage to hardwood floors is reduced or eliminated by using the appropriate water extraction machine. These machines reduce or eliminate cupping hardwood.
water damaged hardwood floors Water damaged hardwood floor drying

Ultra Dry Freeze Drying (Paper material restoration)

Water damage to postcards, stamps, documents, books, photos, and other paper materials can be fully restored with vacuum freeze drying. (see water damage restoration TIP below)

water damaged book repair drying water damaged documents flood mitigation

TIP - Do not separate the pages of water damaged books or pictures! Instead, put affected items in your freezer and call our office for pickup.

TES - Thermal Energy System

TES system used to dry clean water damages structures in about one day.

water damage drying

Hi-Tech Drying Equipment

We fix flood damage!